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One month deposit

Move-in whenever you want to the house of your choice with only one-month deposit. Choose from the collection of societies and never look back.

Better Amenities

More often than not, one settles for a house which might not have all the amenities that one desires. Be ready to enjoy the complete package, in each of these societies.

No Brokerage fees. No owner interference

You don’t have to depend on sly brokers to find a home, which in turn means that there is no hefty brokerage fees involved in the process of renting houses through us. Since, you only deal with us directly, any assistance pre-and-post move in, there is no owner’s interference either.

Access to prime properties lets you rent houses in some of the known prime properties, located as secure spots of the city. While doing so, Stayying does no discrimination between bachelors and families because we believe that everybody deserves a chance at renting and living in a house they want to without being unjustly casted aside.


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STAYYING Shout outs, You don’t have to take our word for it–read what our clients have to say about the STAYYING experience.
Bhupesh Joshi Owner

Well I only got the keys of the house from my builder and handed over to them, from there its just STAYYING, they have been taking care of everything- the interiors, the maintenance, coordination with all the vendors, the tenants, agreements everything… All I was called for was to check…

Rahul Pakath Tenant

The TEAM is super organized, and their ability to quickly resolve matters for us made all the difference. They saved us time and money and give us a lot of peace of mind and a person to call to at any point of time for help..that mattered a lot since…


If you think you can make a difference in the way house rentals in India, join the revolution and drop in your resume at HR@STAYYING.COM
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